In the Full & Free 90 Day Program

I will guide you through the tools you need for success. 


1. Getting rid of restriction - why restriction is the cause of weight gain, how to ditch your diet rules & eat according to your body. 

2. Mindfulness, meditation & EFT - how to use these powerful tools for personal transformation. 

3. Coping strategies - how to work with the good & bad feelings without food.  

4. Beliefs Without Limits - identifying limits and creating new beliefs that will help you reach your full & free goals. 

5. Dealing With Binges & Overeating - identifying which type of overeater you are, how to prevent and deal with overeating. 

6. The Joy Nutrient - why joy is a powerful necessity in your life, how to find more and incorporate it into your everyday. 

7. That Self Love Thing - why creating an amazing relationship with yourself needs to be a priority & how to’s to get you there. 

8. Developing Daily Practices - Willpower, habits and creating a life that supports your Full & Free lifestyle.