Full & Free is not for you if:

  • your first question for me is how much weight will I lose?
  • you are looking for a meal/diet/workout plan.
  • you are not ready to give up dieting.
  • you are not willing and ready to open your mind and change your life.
  • you are not willing to put in effort and work on changing.
  • you have zero knowledge about nutrition and need someone to tell you eating veggies is healthier than fast food. 
  • you need to lose x amount of lbs by x date and are unwilling to accept that lasting weight loss takes time. 

Full & Free is for you if:

  • you overeat and you want to stop, for good. 
  • you spend a lot, and I mean, A LOT of time thinking about food - what to eat, when to eat, what you can eat, what you should eat, etc.
  • you have eaten food in the dark, late at night, in a bathroom, in a closet or somewhere else that other people wouldn’t find you.
  • you turn down social occasions or going out with friends because you don’t trust yourself around the food.
  • deep down, you know you are better than this struggle with dieting.